Global Leaders in energy saving, air compressor technology


Global Leaders in energy saving, air compressor technology


Global Leaders in energy saving, air compressor technology


Compact Air Compressors


With more than 30 years of supplying and supporting general industry with a comprehensive range of compact and portable air compressors, Kaishan Australia can offer the best advice on the selection of the right compressor to fit your application.

Scroll Orbit Air Compressor
4 – 15 kW

Scroll compact compressors is available both as a stand alone unit or as a fully integrated compressed air system complete with large, 500 litre air receiver and optional built in refrigerated dryer and coalescing air filter.

The OX series of compact lubricated scroll air compressors meet today’s demands from industry to reduce energy costs, improve reliability and provide a safe working environment. Scroll technology is an advanced alternative to reciprocating air compressors.

The advanced, lubricated ‘Scroll’ technology offer energy efficiency with minimal moving parts in an ultra-quiet, compact package.

With the added benefit of continuous load capability and an integral aftercooler to reduce moisture carry over, the OX range offers reliable compressed air to your plant.

Maximum energy efficiency

  • Maximum output for the power you put in.
  • 100% continuous duty rated – no need to oversize the compressor to manage operating temperatures or load cycle.
  • Direct drive means zero transmission losses.

Low noise

  • Dynamically balanced, non-contact orbital scrolls result in ultra quiet performance that won’t disrupt your work environment.
  • Noise levels: 57-62dB(A) +/- 3dB(A)

High quality air

  • Integral aftercooler to reduce liquid condensate.

Compact footprint

  • Minimal floor space required for installation.

Low maintenance costs

  • Periodic replacement of filters and lubricant.
  • Direct drive means no drive belts to replace.

Integrated design

  • WEG direct drive motor
  • MEPS II compliant
  • Starting method: DOL (staged for 15kW)
  • Dynamic 3D balanced scrolls
  • Coutershaft-bearing precision alignment
  • Fixed-orbit Scroll technology
  • Temperature and overload protection
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 50°C
  • Power supply: 415V / 3ph / 50Hz
Large 500 litre air receiver
Reduced stop / start cycles reducing energy
Reduced load on contactors
Peak demand capacity
Improved condensate removal

Compact Rotary Screw Air Compressors

5.5 – 15kW

Kaishan krst series receiver mounted compact rotary screw compressors are the ideal package for industries requiring high performance from a small footprint compressed air unit. These compressors are designed to be easily installed whilst producing maximum output with outstanding reliability. Engineered from the highest quality components, utilising the latest in compressed air technology, every compressor is mounted on a 500 litre air receiver with an optional refrigerated dryer and coalescing filter to produce outstanding air quality. The Kaishan krst range offers capacities from 0.55 m³/min to 2.35 m³/min and are suited to a diverse range of applications.

Large, slow running air end

  • Asymmetric 5/6 rotor profile
  • KAPP ground rotor technology for tighter clearances and improved lubrication
  • Low noise and vibration
  • SKF bearings

Large 500 litre air receiver

  • Reduced load cycles for minimal energy use
  • Reduced control system maintenance
  • Peak demand capacity
  • Increased condensate removal

Integrated aftercooler and cooling fan

  • Efficient cooling for high ambient conditions
  • 10°C approach temperature

High efficiency drive motor

  • WEG TEFC drive motor
  • MEPS II compliant
  • IP55 protection against dust and moisture
  • Class F insulation

Large cyclonic air intake filtration

  • Minimal pressure drop for increased efficiency
  • High contaminant removal
  • Long element life

Digital control panel

  • Precise monitoring of key functions
  • Fault detection and protection
  • Service due alert
  • Star-Delta starter to reduce current demand during start-up
  • Optional Integrated dryer and air filter

  –   Minimised footprint

 –   0.5 Micron pre-filter

 –   Auto condensate drain

 –   3°C pressure dewpoint

Reciprocating Air Compressors

(Piston air compressors)

3 – 15kW

The Kaishan range of cast iron, heavy duty piston compressors has been the workhorse of Australian workshops and small industry for many years. 

With capacities from 3–15kW (4 –20hp) there is a model to suit a wide range of applications. These machines incorporate  traditional, very heavy duty, slow revving, cast iron pumps with disc valves and large cooling fans. 

A rugged machine designed to work hard.

Slow revving, cast iron pump
Tapered roller bearings
Robust safety guard
WEG IP55 MEPS II compliant electric motor

  • Engineered to rigorous standards

Powerful, high flow cooling fan
Constant speed unloading (optional on some models)
Large air receivers to AS1210-3

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