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compressed air systems for mining

Compressed air has been the safest, most convenient, and controllable industrial power source for decades. However, with the cost of energy in Australia and around the world rising at alarming levels, all industry including mining is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the balance of compressed air output versus energy input cost.

To address what is a serious threat to the continuation of compressed air as a viable power and air supply source for mining, dramatically higher efficiency levels in compressors simply had to be achieved.

One of the world’s largest designers and manufacturer of industrial air compressors, the global Kaishan group, have been at the forefront in the research and development of ever-evolving technologies in compressor engineering that have achieved energy savings beyond that required to satisfy mining operations around the world.

Kaishan has developed their latest rotary screw machines to integrate with newly developed efficiency technologies that revolutionise the output of compressed air with a highly improved energy in/air output ratio.

The flagship of the Kaishan models for heavy industry applications is the PMVII range of two-stage rotary screw air compressors utilising Permanent Magnet, Variable Frequency technology.

With ‘PMVF’ when air demand decreases, the machine’s output and motor absorbed power declines as well. After any extended period of zero demand, the machine will idle and shut off, saving energy and reducing operating costs. However, immediately on demand for air, the compressor will automatically restart. This gives the air compressor the ability to adjust air output ranging from zero to 100 percent ensuring maximum operational efficiency. .

In these times of constantly rising energy costs, environmentally conscious mine operators must look to the world’s latest energy-saving technologies to remain sustainable now and into the future.

The Kaishan range of advanced air compressors has evolved to be the benchmark in providing sustainable compressed air power at the lowest possible cost.


Mining and heavy industrial operations require high output, ruggedly constructed air compressors that are capable of being moved around to different locations both above and underground. Not a simple task given the size and weight of most large capacity compressors and the fact that they require a stable platform to operate effectively with the lowest possible maintenance requirements.

Kaishan Australia has solved this problem for sites both in Australia and internationally. Integrating the latest compressor technology and engineering into custom designed and built, high strength, fabricated steel skid packages that allow the air compressor being safely moved around the site. The rugged framework also provides protection for the air compressor from rock and debris falls while in service impacts.

Specialised air compressor filtration systems have also been developed to cope with harsh, dirty and dusty environments.

The combination of this innovative adaption and Kaishan’s globally renowned energy efficient technologies which include Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency (PMV), offers a wide range of industrial single and two stage rotary screw compressors that can be custom built to suit a range of specialised industry needs. A number of variations can be offered including high voltage electric motors for underground applications through the KRSP range.

Kaishan also supplies a full range of rotary screw and reciprocating gas compressors to meet a myriad of applications in oil and gas industries.


The mining industry is particularly susceptible to poor quality air and resulting problems.

Selection and installation of the right dryer and filters to match your system is vital to achieving maximum, sustainable clean air results.

Water, dust, and other contaminates in the compressed air supply can cause big problems such as:

1.       Corrosion to compressed air equipment and pipelines

2.       Excess wear and tear in compressed air tools

3.       Water, grit and oil infusion into equipment

6.       Increased maintenance costs

7.       Lost productivity

Moisture naturally occurs in the atmosphere and is therefore contained in air induced into air compressors. Once compressed, this moisture condenses into liquid (water) and flows through compressed air lines and into tools and equipment.

Lubricants used in air compressor can atomise and also form part of the air stream. Other wearing particles such as dirt, dust and pollens etc. can enter through the compressor air filter, once again causing poor quality of air output.

Eliminating moisture (condensate) and contaminants from your compressed air supply offers great benefits and it’s easy to achieve. Installation of a suitable refrigerated dryer and coalescing filters in the lines immediately after the compressor. The dryer will remove virtually all liquid condensate and the coalescing filters will remove residual lubricant as well as any wearing particles.

Installation is easy and maintenance is minimal. It is an effective, low-cost insurance that will protect equipment, reduce costs and improve air quality.

Kaishan Compressors Australia supply a wide range of ancillary system components to improve the end air output efficiency and quality. 

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