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Southern Cross Compressors (Australia) Pty Ltd moves to embrace its global identity

Southern Cross Compressors

Mark Ferguson, CEO stated; “It’s a confirmation of the direction we have taken in ensuring that we supply the very best in compressed air technology and support to our customers. By leading the industry in identifying and providing the right compressor for specific industry requirements, we have built our business on quality equipment and service, service, service!” 


With the foundations of the business being established through a thorough understanding of the fundamental needs of its Australian customers, the company was in a prime position to continue to expand Australia wide with a network of branches, distributors and service technicians. Fully backed with Kaishan’s global expertise and advanced technology, the company continued to grow from strength to strength in the next few years and could confidently envision healthy sustained growth into the future.


To support the rapid expansion of business, Southern Cross established one of the industry’s most experienced service teams, fully trained and equipped to diagnose and solve compressed air supply system problems at short notice. Specialist mobile technicians capable of servicing not only all the company’s equipment but virtually any make and model of air compressor, as well as ancillary equipment, in the country.

Today, now as Kaishan Australia, the company has well and truly established itself as a leading brand in the Compressed Air industry and continues to bring the latest energy saving technologies to industry. The result is the capability to supply and service a wide range of high performance, low energy use compressors and ancillary system components to meet the needs of industry from small workshops and specialised processes to massive industrial applications.


As one of the World’s largest compressed air equipment designers and manufacturers, Kaishan’s global resources have worked closely with Kaishan Australia to design, build and supply an advanced range of industrial air compressors specifically suited to Australian industry needs.


With the Kaishan Group continually expanding its R&D and manufacturing facilities around the world, Kaishan Australia’s client companies will continue to benefit from new and innovative energy saving, compressed air technologies that will ensure the viability of this vital power source to industry for many years to come. Utilising these innovative world class energy saving technologies integrated into robust, highly engineered products, Kaishan Australia is focussed on its global mission of ‘Engineering for the Future’.

With energy costs constantly on the increase, access to the latest in energy saving technologies that satisfy compressed air demands at the lowest possible cost is a major factor in embracing the needs of Australian industry. Remarkable new technologies such as Permanent Magnet Variable speed models that are super-efficient, requiring lower powered motors to produce amazing air outputs with minimum maintenance.

Mark Ferguson stated; “We fully understand that we must play a major role in making compressed air a viable power source for industry well into the future.


With Kaishan’s world wide ‘Engineering the Future’ philosophy also applied to a wide range of heavy engineering capabilities including waste energy conversion to power, mining and excavation equipment, the Australian market may well see Kaishan Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd expand its products and capabilities in the region”.


For more than 60 years, Kaishan, has steadily grown to become a market leading diversified engineering company developing innovative compressed air and mining equipment as well as energy solutions to meet the demands of industry worldwide. Our extensive product range includes high performance geothermal power stations, diesel, gas and high pressure compressors, vacuum units as well as rotary screw expanders, fully supported by our rapidly growing global partner network.

Kaishan, a global leader with an enhanced reputation for outstanding quality and efficiency, offers cutting-edge designs, conservative business values and a focus on leading performance standards across the industry. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and highly specialised manufacturing processes have propelled the company to become the third-largest air compressor manufacturer in the world, producing more than 90,000 rotary screw compressors annually.


Kaishan’s product lines satisfy an array of industry applications including manufacturing, mining, process, and construction through to local small business owners.


Kaishan Group is vertically integrated, producing 85% of the components needed for its products internally. Kaishan manufacturers everything from oil coolers, sheet metal, fabricated steel and pressure vessels through to the heart of the compressor, the Airend. Throughout the manufacturing process, all unused waste materials are rigorously recycled at every stage to minimise our use of raw materials. This gives Kaishan complete control of its supply chain and allows it to carefully manage quality and cost.


From its roots as Southern Cross Compressors, with a pioneering spirit and a focus on continuous improvement, Kaishan Australia will continue our exciting journey to meet the needs of industry today and well into the future.