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Given the broad range of compressor types, sizes, functions and systems available, the thought of how to choose an air compressor can be overwhelming. 

With factors ranging from air flow, capacity, housing, mounting and cost there are a variety of decisions to be made in order to find the right air compressor for you.

Understanding your options from the start plays a major part in the overall lifetime air costs, maintenance, air storage requirements as well as energy use.

Points to consider when choosing an air compressor:

  • What is the air demand at any given time?
  • What is the compressed air application?
  • Does the demand vary during shifts?
  • The minimum operating pressure needed to meet system requirements
  • What air quality is required
  • Does the system have adequate storage?
  • Is the air reticulation system adequately sized?
  • Is there sufficient ventilation for the compressor
  • Are there any space limitations for the compressed air equipment

Your industry and application will play a large role in how to choose an air compressor, for further information or advice choose Kaishan Australia.

With a premium on safety and reliability, we strive to ensure the delivery of compressed air to your operations is as efficient as possible.

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