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Power Generation Systems

With global requirements for renewable energy becoming increasingly significant, it is imperative Australian industry keeps pace with developments in energy generating technologies.


Responding to the demands for clean, renewable energy, Kaishan Australia now offer a range of custom designed and innovative Screw Expander Power Plants.


Proven in multiple power co-generation applications throughout the world, these plants are designed and built by the global Kaishan Group to utilise a broad range of available waste energy sources including high pressure gas, steam and waste heat – converting otherwise wasted energy into usable electricity, channeled directly back into production or returned to the grid for a significant energy cost reduction to the source company.


These advanced expander systems have ideal applications in geothermal, diesel engine heat discharge, gas pipelines, furnace applications and waste steam. Installing an expander will typically see a very quick return on investment (subject to current energy costs and conditions), making them a workable and worthwhile asset for any business looking to save energy.

orc power expander

Kaishan is a leading manufacturer of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generation systems that greatly reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact.
Currently these systems generate well over 1000 MW of power in facilities around the world.
Our patented screw expander system is capable of achieving isentropic efficiency by as much as 90% compared to conventional turbines.
Versatile and easy to fit into existing workflow, with multiple condenser options and power generation capabilities ranging from 50kW to multi-megawatts.

ORC expanders can be configured to produce energy from any of the following sources:

Water used for diesel or gas engine cooling circuits.

Geothermal hot water (brine).

Ethanol, gasoline, thermal oil and other chemicals.

Exhaust gases produced by conventional turbines or gas or diesel IC engines.

Hot gases from kilns and furnaces used in cement, glass and other manufacturing.

Any application where heat can be transferred to a fluid.

steam expander

Kaishan steam screw expanders are positive displacement machines that allow power plants to run at slower speeds without the performance or safety issues of a conventional turbine.
They are versatile pieces of equipment that work with co-generation, waste heat recovery and waste pressure recovery equipment.
Easy to install and maintain even in demanding operations.
Applications for industrial power recovery and power generation.
Allow power plants to accept saturated, dry or overheated steam.
When combined with an organic Rankine cycle (ORC) system, can process many types of gas.
Improve decompression, cooling and other functions.

Kaishan screw expander generators provide:

Pressure regulation in steam or gas pipelines.
Power generation from flash steam and geothermal brine.
Heat recovery and waste pressure recovery at low temperatures and low pressures.