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Nationwide Service and Support

All products sold by Kaishan Australia are fully backed by nation wide, customer focused air compressor service.

Our fleet of mobile technicians is operational 24/7 to keep vital compressed air systems continually operating at peak efficiencies.

These highly trained technicians are capable of servicing and repairing all brands and types of air compressors and carry spare parts to suit most compressors and system components.

preventative services

Regular servicing and preventative maintenance will keep your system in peak operating condition and minimise downtime saving you money.

Flexible Maintenance Programs to maintain the integrity of your operations

Kaishan offers flexible support programs, tailored to meet individual customer needs.

repair and spare parts

With our 24 hour, mobile breakdown service, our technicians carry a wide range of quality spare parts for all Kaishan and other brands and types of air compressors and systems.

We can also affect expert repairs to faulty systems to get you up and running fast!

air audit and leak detection

Most plants have a significant amount of air leaks that can represent significant wasted energy and increased running costs.

Kaishan Australia offers  effective air leak management programs that detect and report on system efficiency and energy loss.
We can then restore the system to peak operation condition with significant energy cost savings.

air receiver inspections

Kaishan offers a complete air receiver inspection service to ensure you stay compliant with all legislation and importantly ensure all air receivers are safe and operating correctly.

All receivers larger than 100MPa.L must be inspected at minimal intervals by law.

External receivers: Every 2 years.

Internal receivers: Every 4 years.

Design and Installation

system design

Our vast experience globally and in Australia allows us to design and engineer the right systems to suit specific applications.

Utilising the latest in CAD design expertise, our engineers will produce detailed, project specific drawings and work closely with you to ensure you get a customised system that works at peak performance.

air compressor installation

Kaishan offer expertise in the engineering and installation of air compressors and airline reticulation systems to maximise performance and minimise energy costs.


Correctly installed and integrated systems will ensure trouble free operation with far less potential downtime.

Maximum output for the power you put in.
100% continuous duty rated – no need to oversize the compressor to manage operating temperatures or load cycle.
Direct drive means zero transmission losses.

Dynamically balanced, non-contact orbital scrolls result in ultra quiet performance that won’t disrupt your work environment.

Noise levels: 57-62dB(A) +/- 3dB(A)


Integral aftercooler to reduce liquid condensate.

Minimal floor space required for installation.

Periodic replacement of filters and lubricant.

Direct drive means no drive belts to replace.

WEG direct drive motor

MEPS II compliant

Starting method: DOL (staged for 15kW)

Dynamic 3D balanced scrolls

Coutershaft-bearing precision alignment

Fixed-orbit Scroll technology

Temperature and overload protection

Maximum ambient temperature: 50°C

Power supply: 415V / 3ph / 50Hz

Reduced stop / start cycles reducing energy
Reduced load on contactors
Peak demand capacity
Improved condensate removal